Chad recently sold my downtown San Diego property, and was my agent for a home purchase in Carlsbad. Chad is best-in-class when it comes to real estate agents. He's incredibly experienced, extremely diligent, and one of the hardest workers I've encountered. Everything he does, he does with the highest quality and meticulous attention to detail. His communication is always timely and he keeps calm amidst the anxiety one feels when buying or selling a home. Chad also has a great sense of humor and was fun to interact with through the process. He will be my real estate agent for life and I cannot wait to recommend him to everyone I know!

Ashley and Ryan, Downtown San Diego and Carlsbad



Chad was great to work with through this process. It had been many years since we were in need of a realtor; and, my how things have changed! Chad's expertise in other disciplines was a real compliment to his profession as a realtor. His calm demeanor provided assurance throughout the transaction and allowed us to stay focused on the positive end result!! I would have no qualms in recommending him as your realtor.

John & Theresa, Poway


Chad has helped us sell two homes within the past three years (2014 and 2017). Both times, we sold the homes within the first week and were very pleased with the sales price both times. (He has also helped us buy our most recent home, which proceeded very smoothly.) Chad's greatest virtues are (1) his in-depth knowledge of the house buying/selling process and the markets, (2) his communication skills and pleasant disposition, and (3) his exceptional work ethic. As a result of these attributes, Chad makes the buying/selling process extremely painless and easy. He assembles all of the paperwork and explains, in very plain language, everything that you need to know to understand what's happening. He provides very insightful advice on every aspect of the transaction, but his low-pressure approach gives us the freedom to ultimately make our own decisions. And we never once found ourselves waiting on Chad to complete a task to move the buying/selling process along; to the contrary, Chad was always one-step ahead and, if anything, he had to wait on my wife and I to sign the documents he'd prepared for us! I literally cannot imagine a real estate agent providing a smoother selling/buying experience than what we've experienced with Chad. I have recommended Chad to all my friends and family looking for a real estate agent in San Diego County, and I will continue to do so in the future without hesitation."

Ben and Alicia, Poway

We met Chad Basinger at an open house as we were driving through a neighborhood that we liked in Escondido. We were impressed by his no pressure attitude, friendliness, and genuine personality. Since we began the home shopping process, we toured many open houses and met several realtors - Chad's qualities are rare in a realtor. We started touring homes with Chad and eventually went under contract on 2 different properties that didn't pan out. After numerous showings, throughout much of the greater San Diego area, we finally found the right home for our budget, lifestyle, and needs. Throughout the shopping and buying process, Chad was very accessible and responsive to our phone calls and emails. We never had to wait to hear back from him. He was flexible and accommodating with his schedule to meet our needs. Chad was always enthusiastic to meet us and help us with any questions or concerns we had. His no pressure attitude and patience were especially valuable during the shopping process. Chad offered solid recommendations for a mortgage broker and for home inspectors. We would gladly recommend Chad's services to anyone looking for a hassle free, smooth, and enjoyable home buying experience. 

Johanna and Kevin, San Marcos 

We chose Chad to help us find a large seven-figure new home in Carlsbad, Oceanside, or Vista. He was knowledgeable about all of the areas and patient during our long search. He brings an extensive financial background to the process as well as excellent interpersonal skills and an easy-going personal demeanor. Chad did not find a house, like it himself, and then try to sell us on it; rather, he let us go at our own pace and decide on the trade-offs for ourselves. He was particularly helpful in negotiating the final deal with an unreasonable seller. We would definitely use Chad again!

Jeff & Karen, Vista


Over the past number of years I worked with close to a dozen of realtors, I can say without hesitation that Chad Basinger proved to be the best. I got to know Chad when I started looking for a retirement condo for my parents. After 7 months of patiently monitoring Chad's emails with properties that fit my search criteria (an excellent service by the way), I finally zeroed in on one of the properties. Alas, when I arrived to look at the condo and met Chad there for the first time, the property did not fit my criteria. However, this meeting was not wasted. Chad was well prepared and came with the information about another condo that was for sale in the same complex. That property was much more suitable and we started the offer process that eventually led to a successful purchase. Throughout the whole process, Chad was very helpful with advice and very professional. He was always accessible and very prompt with his responses. This ensured a smooth transaction and resulted in a very satisfied customer, me. Whether you are looking to buy or sell - I would definitely recommend Chad Basinger as your realtor."

Leon, Rancho Bernardo

Very knowledgeable about local markets. Always available, friendly and honest. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. Thank you for all your hard work Chad. We really appreciate everything you did for us.

Andrew & Kelly, Poway

Chad is a first-rate real estate agent. His expertise is broad enough to encompass the full range of needs of a relocating family and deep enough to ensure that a transaction is handled professionally. I have confidence in his negotiating skills, and took his advice -- even when I thought he was being too aggressive. (He was right.) I very highly recommend Chad. More to the point, my daughter is moving to San Diego in the next couple of months and I have recommended that she use Chad to find and purchase her new home. I would not do that unless I had great confidence in his ability and integrity. 

Brian and Linda, Scripps Ranch

My son and his wife, knowledgeable in the San Diego Real Estate market, suggested Chad as the ideal realtor to assist me with my relocation from northern California to San Diego. Chad has proved to be outstanding in every category. He patiently endured a number of changes in strategy, from buying to renting, and changes in location of targeted properties from Rancho Bernardo, to downtown San Diego and then back to Rancho Bernardo, and all of this against a back drop of altering scheduling opportunities to accommodate my job interviews. Chad would prepare computer profiles for the property we would be viewing, complete with pictures, within seeming minutes of my requests. I would then pick out the candidates and Chad would promptly work out the logistics for viewing. I noted how considerate Chad was to the occupants of the properties we viewed. Additionally, Chad was very candid in pointing out to me detriments to the property which were not obvious, such as the traffic patterns with noise at times other than when we were viewing, and properties that had been occupied by smokers. Chad invariably put my interests ahead of a quick sale. Chad is the right person in crunch time. When impossible deadlines began to apparently exceed my availability, Chad gave up his week-end to get lease papers available on a Saturday, allowing me to keep on my tight schedule. I ended up leasing, initially, but I will return to Chad when my lease is up and it is time to buy. Chad gets my highest endorsement. I found him to be exceptionally professional, bright, knowledgeable and trustworthy. 

Robert, Rancho Bernardo

I first heard of Chad Basinger on a local real estate website as he was the listing agent for an investment condo I was interested in. He quickly made plans to show it to me as well as several others in the area. I ended up purchasing a single family house in the same neighborhood for a very fair price instead. Chad has a very low key, no pressure demeanor and is always very courteous to whomever he is dealing with. He is quite knowledgeable about the area I was interested in as he was actually raised here. He even helped me out by arranging to show the house to some prospective tenants before I actually took title so I wouldn't have to absorb the lost rental income. There have been a few problems since the purchase date, as there inevitably are with 45 year old homes, but Chad did not desert me after the deal was done. He has followed up and offered assistance, as well as much needed moral support, throughout the entire process and beyond. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a home in the Rancho Bernardo area. 

Sherisa, Rancho Bernardo

Chad was very easy to work with and made an emotional time easy to get through. Chad is very knowledgeable with the North Poway area. I appreciated his efficiency in keeping me informed on every aspect of the transaction, especially since I am living in Northern California. Chad was always immediately available to answer any questions or concerns. I would definitely recommend Chad's services to anyone considering selling their home or purchasing one.

Linda, Poway

Chad was very professional, yet fun, and helped us find a property that meet my criteria, as well as, fulfilled my husband's wish list. When we went out to look at properties, everything was pre-screened and available for a showing when we arrived. As we made our purchase decision, Chad was able to quickly get answers to our property-specific questions. During escrow, he handled the paperwork expertly and made sure the process went smoothly.

Phil and Melissa, Downtown San Diego

Chad exceeded our expectations in our real estate transaction. He was on top of every detail from the start and guided us through the process efficiently and effectively. He handled all of the required inspections and follow up in a timely manner and was always available, no matter the time of day or night, to answer our questions and give advice. His service to us was outstanding and we felt like he went above and beyond what was expected of him. We would highly recommend Chad. 

Rob and Leigh, Rancho Bernardo

Chad was absolutely a pleasure to work with through our process of buying our first home. He made the whole experience easy to understand, stress-free and timely! He always made himself available and willing to answer and help with any questions...and we had a lot being first time home buyers. Chad has many years of experience and it is very evident in his work. We always felt like Chad had our best interests in mind and helped us close on the house we love within a 21 day escrow without any issues. I would 100% recommend Chad to anyone and everyone looking to buy or sell a home! We never thought our home buying experience would be so seamless...but Chad made it possible.

John and Samantha, Scripps Ranch

Chad was a great realtor to work with. Very low pressure. He worked with us for over a year to find our dream home, and never pushed us to settle on something that wasn't right. He felt more like an educated friend than a realtor just trying to make money. During the home buying process he was very available-- on top of everything, texting and emailing us back at all hours whenever we contacted him. He was great!

Samantha and Denny, Carmel Valley

Almost exactly 4 years after buying our home with Chad, we recently sold that home and bought another. We had no hesitation in using Chad again, and he expertly guided us through the process on both transactions. Neither were straightforward for a variety of reasons, but Chad was excellent throughout. He helped address any number of issues and was available at all times. I've heard a lot of complaints from friends about problems getting hold of their realtor, but Chad was exactly the opposite, often following up without even being asked. Not only is Chad an excellent realtor, he's a great guy who will do whatever it takes to get you the best deal for your family. If you're looking for someone who's willing to go above and beyond, I can't recommend Chad enough.

Michael and Stephanie, Poway

I have known Chad since elementary school. When my husband and I decided to start the home search, we did not think twice about using him. Chad's in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and the desired community, coupled with his professional demure led to the introduction and eventual purchase of our new home. His insight during the escrow process was invaluable. He was with us every step of the way.

Heather and Jim, Del Sur

Chad is the epitome of kindness and perseverance. He has helped us through the process of finding the right house for us and is an expert in handling negotiations and endless paperwork that accompany buying a house. He has never pushed us one way or another. One of his favorite sayings: "At the end of the day, you must be happy" resonates with me because it truly is what he wanted for us, to be happy! Chad never tired of looking at houses with us, in Poway, in Escondido, in Del Mar, in San Diego. He never questioned why we could not decide on one place. Chad knows that the house he helped us buy is "the right fit", and that is exactly what he wanted. He is a selfless and honest hardworking person. I recommend him and thank him from the bottom of my heart.

Bernie and Bob

Chad is very thorough, considerate, caring, and professional. He is extremely knowledgeable and is always looking out for his clients. He always goes the extra mile for his clients too. He treats his clients as if they are family. I would gladly have Chad as a future agent when I need one.

Dale, Scripps Ranch

Chad was great to work with. He made recommendations and then respected our decisions to follow them or not. He always represented our interests and let us know our options. We sold our house very quickly, and he was always responsive right up until the final document was signed. We would highly recommend him!!

Jeff and Katie, Poway